After studying at the Royal College of Art in London, working with Camper and living in Japan for a while, Luis Eslava decided to move to Spain in 2008 and set up his studio there. Luis approaches design from an integral point of view. For him, “a designer must be able to propose a wide range of solutions” and “Rethink everyday life”. This is the reason why their study is aimed at global projects, while participating in all productive stages. @luiseslavas

Marc: “I really like pasta, I eat. The other one gives me more the same. And I like beer too. Better if it is not handmade. I was born and grew up in Mallorca. I play when I can tennis. I played as a child and left when I went to Barcelona to study. For a couple of years I have recovered it and now I do not understand how I was without it. I finished my studies in Barcelona, ​​I lived for a while in NY and from there I went back to BCN, which is where I am. Of all that I have done, which is not much, with the last and most important thing (for me) with what I am, is AOO, a small furniture house that I set up in 2013 with Oriol Villar.” @morromarc

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The Workshop

Arrival on sunday 25.08.19 at 20:00h

5 days duration (Monday to Friday)
7 days of accommodation
Workshop talks
Gastronomic tastings

+ Festa del Grafisme
2 days (Friday to Sunday)

Includes accommodation inshared apartment (4 people)

If you sign up before April 1st you will enjoy a % discount.
Professional € 800 – Early bird 700
Student € 700 – Early bird 600

Feel free to contact us for more detailed information at

During a week we will dedicate ourselves to design and build objects and systems to be able to pass without being seen, by land, sea or air, large amounts of illegal material to the neighboring country (France), 800 meters in a straight line.

Monday: introduction to the contraband and brainstorming project.
Tuesday: going down to earth (or to sea and air) all the concepts.
Wednesday: start to build.
Thursday: keep building.
Friday: finish building, tasting and burning everything.

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