Francesc Pla and Eva Serrats are partners in Leve, a studio that was created in 2007 as a producer of audiovisual matter,and that today is dedicated to projects of architecture, urbanism, museography, exhibitions, actions and events, teaching, activism, etc.

Francesc Pla is an architect who studied at ETSAB, however, it was in the studio of Enric Miralles where he worked and lived 24/7 from the age of  18 to 24, where he acquired the majority of his experience. There he met those persons who were to become his partners in the BOPBAA studio where they worked together for more than 20 years. It was with these partners he developed a prolific career as an architect. Eva studied photography and worked as a photographer while studying architecture at the ETSAB at the end of which she took a leap into the world of cinema taking a Master degree in Documentary Creation, and later a PhD in Cinematography, both at the UPF. She has worked as an architectural photographer, and has also collaborated (as a photographer, film-maker and / or architect indistinctly) in the work of different artists. Has organized events, and designed a pedagogical film, has exhibited, and published projects. Francesc is currently a professor at the ELISAVA design school, and also at the ETSAV school of architecture. Eva, however, has refused the invitations to work within educational institutions or any other type of institution. Francesc and Eva understand that their projects are plans that enable them to carry out their wishes to transform. In this way they are able to work within different genres and disciplines. Samples of their work can bee seen on line at, “Entre el tren i l’andana”.

Francesc and Eva travel extensively together enjoying the experiences of the places they visit, sensing the atmosphere, listening to the sounds, talking to the their inhabitants, buying fish at the local market, and discovering stories.  In 2005 they spent a first weekend at the Festa della Festa del Grafisme, enjoying Portbou, feeling the strange therapeutic effect of wandering through a place that lives in another tempo, finding it hard to leave.



The Workshop

5 day workshop

+ 2 days of Festa

Includes accommodation inshared apartment (4 people)

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One day Portbou dawned obsolete: Europe dissolved the concept of borders and this town lost its main meaning. A border crossing of dimensions similar to those of the whole town, the hundreds of families of Guardia civiles, the intense traffic commerce of liquors, cigars and nougat with the French, … the communist refugees crossing the mountain to flee the country, sleeping on the beach, the suicide of Walter Benjamin, .. all this happened in Portbou because it was a border town. We propose five days to track down these experiences, today invisible but omnipresent. A week of drifting through the territory, of reconstructing stories and to draw. We will draw up a map of Portbou, which will rescue the genre of non-cartographic representations of the world, which do not pretend to be scientific or even useful- but narrate what happens or happened in a territory. The resulting plane will be burned on the beach on Saturday night of the Festa del Grafisme.

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